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Funded Case Portfolios

Flat Buyer V/S Builder

Unfair Trade Practice

The flat Buyer has booked a residential Flat with a real estate giant. The buyer was assured all modern day amenities and superior quality Flat. However, the builder delivered the Flat which did not meet the promised standards which is unfair Trade practice. The Buyer has filed suit for refund with compensation.

Owner V/S Trademark infringer

Trademark infringer

Tm Infringer has been using Trademark of the owner without permission and was making money.

Consumer V/S Travel agency

Deficiency of Service

The Consumer and her wife booked a hotel for their visit in Shimla. They paid the amount and got all confirmation. When the couple reached the venue they found there was no room available. The couple paid money still did not got promised services.

Contractor V/S Company

Breach of Contract

Plaintiff is engaged in the business of Brand activation, Event, Brand Partnership and Content Writing. Here the Defendant Company availed the service of the Plaintiff but did not make the payment.

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